About Tech Leading Ladies

Our founding team, software developers by trade, have spent many years working hard to change the gender imbalance in tech: promoting tech as a desirable career to girls and young women, and teaching girls and women to code to bring them into the industry.

After several years, they noticed that the women they had worked so hard to bring in were not being promoted at the same speed or frequency as their male peers, and did not feel they belonged. This was causing them to leave the industry again soon after.

Tech Leading Ladies was started in 2017 as a small coaching group designed to break down the barriers to promotion for women in technology, giving its participants the tools and knowledge to overcome self-limiting behaviours and systemic bias in their jobs. We quickly moved to an online monthly Meetup format to help a wider audience. 

Since then we have grown into a community drawing members from across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Slack group provides the networking, coaching and mentoring women often miss out on in their organisations. It gives visibility of role-models, successful female leaders in tech, paving the way for other women and showing them what they too can accomplish.

Our Meetups bring content, resources and skills needed to succeed as a technical leader. Most of our speakers come from the TLL community.

Organising Team

Michelle Gleeson standing in front of a screen showing the tech leading ladies logo, with a group of women

Michelle Gleeson

Founder and Organiser

Susan Brander

Susan Brander


Larene Le Gassick

Larene Le Gassick

Community Manager