The Tech Leading Ladies (TLL) Slack community is an invite-only community of women and non-binary members. The focus of our community is to build a network through discussions, coaching, mentoring and sharing of resources and ideas.

For members

Slack etiquette guidelines

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to our Slack community as well as our Meetups and any other events hosted by TLL. In short, please be respectful to each other, and please report any incidents where someone may have acted against the code of conduct to an organiser (their Slack name will include “organiser” title), or email organisers@techleadingladies.com.


Please do try to keep conversations in threads as much as possible to limit too many notifications to other members.

Sensitive topics

If the contents of a message or thread contains potentially sensitive content, please add a content warning (CW) or trigger warning (TW) where possible. For example, “CW sexism”. If you’re not sure, please reach out to an organiser.


Here is our list of channels, and what they are used for:

  • announcements — for all Tech Leading Ladies (TLL) related announcements
  • coaching-questions — for work/career coaching, or “micro-mentoring”, also try #help-me
  • donut-chat — join this channel if you’d like to meet other members via a casual 1:1 chat every two weeks
  • events — sharing events that are not TLL events
  • feedback — any feedback about all aspects of TLL membership: Slack, Meetup, Mentoring, Training, etc.
  • help-me — got a question? just ask! for anything that doesn’t belong in #coaching-questions
  • introductions — new to the group, or returning after a long break? Introduce yourself!
  • jobs — please read the job posting guidelines before posting
  • knowledge-sharing — books, articles, any resources please share them here
  • lunch-brisbane — for organising in-person Brisbane lunches
  • lunch-melbourne — for organising in-person Melbourne lunches
  • lunch-online — for organising remote lunches
  • meetup-discussion — chat and resource sharing during and after TLL monthly meetups
  • membership-guidelines — questions and FAQs about TLL membership
  • program-leadership-training — information on our Tech Leadership Training courses (lead: Elle Meredith)
  • program-mentoring — information on our Mentoring Program (lead: Tracy Powell)
  • random — water-cooler, chat about anything!
  • rant — sometimes we all need to vent, rant away in a safe space
  • win — celebrate anything! Work-related or not, we’d love to celebrate with you

Any feedback or questions, please let us know by reaching out to an organiser (their Slack name will include “organiser” title), posting in the #feedback channel, or emailing organisers@techleadingladies.com.