Frequently Asked Questions

Am I “technical enough” to join?

The short answer is “yes”. While TLL started with a focus on software engineers, we recognise that women in other tech roles face the same challenges with career progression. We have a lot of Product people, Agile people, QA, Chiefs of Staff, founders and CEOs. If you are a recruiter or in HR and are joining to fill open roles, we ask you to find different networking opportunities. If you genuinely want to support and give back to this community, then you are welcome.

I am not a leader. Can I still join?

We encourage you to join us as early in your career as possible, so you have access to the same support, advocacy, sponsorship and networks your male peers get internally. We want you to be inspired by the role models and senior leaders in this group, and show you that you can do it too!

Our community has members from those looking to get into tech, juniors and career-changers  right through to CEOs and executive leaders.

I don't identify as a “Lady”, can I join?

Our members are women identifying and non-binary folks in the tech industry who are held back in their careers due to systemic bias. Please use this guideline to help you. If you are a trans woman, you are welcome. If you identify as non-bianry AMAB you are welcome. If you need our help to overcome gender bias, we want to help you.

I am a man, but I want to help. Can I join?

Thank you for supporting us! Equality is not an issue that can be solved by only half the population and we need the support of our male colleagues to fix systemic bias. It is important to us that our members are women identifying with lived experiences of gender discrimination, to bring the right level of empathy and awareness. 

We want to make sure our leaders in the group have space to be role-models, so women can see what they can be, and advice given in nuance and consider barriers you have never come up against.

You can get involved by:

  • Submitting a talk for our monthly meetups. If you have a talk that fits within our scope, please submit it here.
  • Support our community. Please see our sponsorship packages here.
  • Reach out to Tech Diversity Lab to create a plan for supporting women in your tech team. 
  • Joining communities such as CTO School or Male Champions of Change.

I'd like to employ women in tech. How can I post a job ad?

Thank you for supporting women in tech!

Sponsors can post job ads to our internal slack. Please contact us about sponsorship to get started.