Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting the Tech Leading Ladies community, and helping us move closer to achieving our mission of bridging the gender gap in tech leadership.

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Community Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor our community please contact us for more details.

We partner with companies who are dedicated to building diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Guidelines for job postings

Many of our community members find their next role on the TLL Slack #jobs channel. It is important to us that the companies we endorse are inclusive, supportive and have growth opportunities for women in tech.

Our sponsorship packages provide our partners with the opportunity to post job ads on our internal forum.

To help women to move toward equality, all job postings need to adhere to our guidelines:

  • The salary range is transparently listed, to help fix the gender pay gap in tech.
  • You agree to interview any candidate who comes through TLL, and provide actionable feedback for their growth if they are unsuccessful. By interview, we mean the technical interview, not the HR phone screen.
  • Your company’s culture is inclusive for women-identifying and non-binary people, and you have a proactive plan and commitment for levelling the gender imbalance and getting women into tech leadership roles. If you need support building an action plan, please engage Tech Diversity Lab consulting services.
  • Any successful TLL candidates will be paid the same as their male peers, regardless of what they ask for or how they negotiate.